Tiffany Sinclair


Class of 2015

Major: Chemical Engineering
Nickname: Tiffany....
Favorite Disney Movie: Mulan/Little Mermaid
If You Could Be One Character in a Sitcom, Who Would You Be? Michael Scott from the Office
Boxers or Briefs: Commando :D
What Three Things Would You Bring on a Desert Island?: iPod, iPod charger, swimsuit
What Harry Potter Character Are You?: Cho Chang (So I could make out with Daniel Radcliffe)
Favorite Artist: Evanescence

Tiffany Sinclair is a powerhouse of a singer. Her combined love of kittens and hatred of flags with more than three colors on them gives her the power to sing lower than any bass ever could. It has been said that when Tiffany sings in her lower range, Zeus cries for its beauty

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