Sam Weiller


Class of 2013

 ​Major: Music and Brain and Cognitive Sciences

What Harry Potter are You?: Someone in Ravenclaw...
Interests: music, brains, Apple, doing too many things
Favorite Band: Vampire Weekend or Wilco or Arcade Fire or Passion Pit
Pepsi or Coke?: Sprite
Favorite Quote: "Sometimes I look up at the stars and wonder, where the hell did my ceiling go?!"
Goldfish or Cheez-its?: GOLDFISH ALL THE WAY!! It's the snack that smiles back! How can you not love it?!
Hobbies: Starting but not finishing arranging music, sleeping at odd hours, and being mildly obsessed with technology.

Sometime in the mid-nineties Sam Weiller began playing music. He never stopped. Now he is the most awesomest musician there ever was. Except for maybe Eric Whitacre. And John Williams. And Michael Giacchino. And Bach. And Handel...


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