Keshia Green


Class of 2011

Major: Psychology and Music
Nickname: K. Grizzle, Ke$ha
Interests: Singing, going to concerts, road tripping, being awesome
Favorite Movie: Bring it On
Pepsi or Coke?: Cream Soda
Boxers or Briefs?: Boxers!
Goldfish or Cheez-its?: Cheez-its
What Three Things Would You Bring on a Desert Island?: My iPod, a puppy, and Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes.



Born in a small town just south of the center of the Indian Ocean, Keshia Green was originally named Ke$ha blue, because of her nautical beginnings and her love for money. Upon moving through every state in the US, she has changed her name almost as many times as she has changed her hairstyle. You can sometimes find Keshia
hinding behind trees waiting to scare people off with her sarcasm and powerful voice.

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