Jay Kim


Class of 2011

Major: Geology
Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
Interests: Paintball, cooking, bluegrass, sci-fi books
Goldfish or Cheez-its: Cheez-its
What Three Things Would You Bring on a Desert Island?: A Hammock, an iced pitcher of coke, and a good book
Pepsi or Coke: COKE!!
Favorite Band/Artist: Muse
What Harry Potter Character Are You?: SNAPE!


Jay S. Kim is an animal. More specifically a hawk, judging by his profile picture on April 25, 2011. From the lionish mane of hair to that time he was in Circle of Life, Jay has clearly retained more of that primal instinct so many of us seem to have lost. Just as Jay holds on to his strong, ancient roots and refuses to follow the evolutionary path of humanity that has resulted in the weak, defenseless species of today, neither has he been shackled by the typical structure of the "four year university," or even the less common Take 5 route. No, Jay is one of the few proud members of the "Pay 5" contingency, steadfast in his determination to endure yet another year of grueling courses to finally get that degree...or minor...or cluster...or just enjoy not being a functioning adult. A long time member of both the university and Trebellious, Jay is a constant source of energy and fun and, as a bass, Jay is required to have minimal inhibitions, and less common sense, making him a riot out on the town

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