Founded in the spring of 2009 by Tim Smith and Evan Hass, Trebellious has grown from a small, musically minded group of friends to a strong performing force on the U of R campus, while still remaining committed to its original values of musicality and entertainment. Like most other college-level a cappella groups, Trebellious rehearses multiple days a week and closes each semester with a concert, while also holding an additional open workshop once a week and an additional charity-benefitting concert every spring. The group is proud to be able to achieve an ICCA-competitive level of arrangement and performance (receiving Outstanding Arrangement at and winning the 2018 quarterfinals and receiving Outstanding Vocal Percussion at the 2019 quarterfinals) while making a cappella as accessible as possible. 

Trebellious performs at a wide variety of events and locations on and off the U of R campus, from the parking lot at orientation to coffee shops on Saturday nights to corporate events for the holidays. The group is passionate about sharing its music across and outside the Rochester community and is always looking for new performance opportunities. With a commitment to musical excellence and entertainment, Trebellious covers a wide range of genres including classic rock, pop, funk, and alternative. By creating moments in music, the group is uniquely able to reach audiences through a spectrum of emotionality. 

Trebellious is entirely student run and directed. Outside of the a cappella realm, the group is composed of students who are passionate about other activities and causes, as well as committed to their studies. Trebellious members major in subjects spanning academia, priding themselves on being able to maintain academic excellence while still devoting a large amount of time to a cappella. First and foremost, they're college students, which is why some of their favorite events are middle and high school workshops and performances! With a deep understanding of the importance of music education, Trebellious is always looking for ways to teach and share its knowledge and love of a cappella with the next generation of singers, musicians, and students. 

Interesting in having Trebellious perform at your event? Interested in performing with Trebellious?

Email us at trebellious@gmail.com with details.

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